Monday, 22 October 2012

Day 7 - Centrepieces

Yes I know that I've broken my promise to blog every day for 10 days, but I hope you won't hold it against me...on day 7 of my blogging journey, I bring you 5 ways with centrepieces.

Now I think that centrepieces are quite an important focal point of the table. Don't forget that guests are going to be staring at these for a while over dinner, but on the other hand, should you spend ridiculous amounts of money on them? Well if you're pretty minted then I'd say why the hell not, but here are a few potential DIY ideas...

1) I love the idea of using vintage books as a centre piece. If you wanted to go that extra centimental step, you could raid your grandparents library for their favourite books to really add that personal touch.

2) If you're looking for a dramatic centrepiece then look no further than these tiered candles. Having one of these on each table will add such atmosphere to your reception.

3) I have been to a few weddings in my time, but I have never seem a goldfish centrepiece. Very original and can act as favours too - just as long as your guests remember to take them home with them at the end of the night!

4) Mason jars are so versatile and are as cheap as chips. Use these jars to display previous family weddings or messages from the bride and groom!

5) I'm sure that heaps of people have used this idea in the past, but retro sweets in glass bowls/ornaments are really easy to put together yourself and great for guests to tuck into while they're waiting for their dinner.

Happy planning

Love Mrs Terrence XX

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