Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day 5 - Something blue

Today I'm looking at your 'something blue'. It's one of those small traditions that are sometimes forgotten or thought about at the last minute.

You can have SO much fun with this and really make it a feature of your day. Would love to hear from anyone who have used these ideas...

1) Simply adding a blue ribbon to the ankle is a fabulous focal point for photos and perfectly hidden if blue isn't your favourite colour but you're a sucker for tradition.
2) A blue clutch could also be a great accessory for your big day.
3) Personally I love the blue headpiece. This shade of blue is subtle enough not to take away from your dress.
4) Bridesmaids wrote personal notes on the sole of these shoes for their bride.
5) Or, add an elegant touch to your look with these sapphire earrings

If anyone of you lovely bride would like to submit images of the 'something blue' theme, send them through and I'll upload.

Love Mrs Terrence X

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