Sunday, 7 October 2012

10 day challenge - Doilies

It's day 2 and I'm still going I'm bringing you '5 ways with doilies'. Now I know what many of you might be thinking, but take a look at the pictures below and you might be pleasantly surprised. They are so versatile, can be found in a variey of shapes, sizes and colours and are super cheap. Traditionally they have been found underneath your nana's tea cup, but I hope that I've inspired you with a few new ideas for them.

1) These wonderful chair decorations that I found from could be the perfect way to add a few touches to a vintage or rustic wedding.

2) Colourful pom poms can add an injection of colour into your reception area. And these are really easy to make yourself. Visit for your step by step DIY guide

3) I wish I had of found these doilie cones when I was getting married. They are simple but beautiful and could be used to pop your favours in too.

4) Make sure that you allow yourself a bit more time to send out your invitations if you're making these doilie envelopes from scratch. Personally, I don't think that they would survive if you posted them so make sure you get some strong glue. Check out how to make these yourself.

5) Use doilies to hand make these favours. Want to make them? Find out how

Thanks to the following sites for images:

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