Monday, 8 October 2012

10 day challenge - Button it.

In day 3 of my 10 day chalenge, I give to you '5 ways with button holes'.

A random selection and not a flower in sight. I love button holes - they're such a great way to add personality and to tie in with your theme. So, from the top...

1)  This Skull Button Hole is so fun. A bit on the gothic side, but such an individual statement.

2) These felt flags are great if you're a bit crafty and adding a DIY touch to your big day.

3) Or why not ask people to wear badges instead of button holes. You can personalise them with people's roles or nicknames and are a great conversation starter.

4) For the musicians amongst you, guitar picks can be created into button holes with some thin wire and a bit of patience.

5) This photo brooch is utterly charming and a great way to remember relatives or friends that can't share the day with you. View here to see these in more details.

Hope these have given you a few ideas. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update.

Love Mrs Terrence X

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