Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Day 4 – Vintage hankies

Today I’m looking at vintage hankies. They can be quite inexpensive depending on where you shop and hopefully won't break the bank, but I guess that depends on the amount that you want/need.
Hope you like my ideas below!

1)      It’s the first time that I’ve seen vintage hankies made into bunting. These create double sided bunting and saves a lot of time cutting out triangles.
2)   I love this idea of a ring cushion. I know that it’s quite an American tradition, but it makes for a great photo.
3)      You could wrap your flower bouquets with pretty hankies and can always be recycled afterwards.
4)      Provide a basket of vintage hankies for your guests and place at the entrance of the ceremony.
 5)      Decorate the back of each chair with hankies – it adds a touch of colour and it so simple to create. And if the speeches get too much, your guests can always pinch them to blow their nose.

Hope you like what you see.

Love Mrs Terrence X

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