Sunday, 1 July 2012

Love, set, match

As Wimbledon season is upon us, I thought that I’d take a look at a few tennis themed wedding ideas. Now, I know that a tennis themed wedding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but at least it’s different and a few subtle references and a few drapes of yellow here and there will go a long way to making it easy to achieve.
Let’s start with the balls! Now, there are heaps of really great things that you can do to personalise tennis balls for the dates and place settings to name just a few! There are heaps of bespoke printing companies that will print these for you online. If you’re in need of 100-200, the cost will be about £1.35 or so, but you could always write the details yourself if you have the patience and nice handwriting.
Most brides couldn’t pull off a full blown yellow gown, but could add a dash of colour with these yellow Manolo Blahnik Rita Half d’Orsay shoes – loving that leopard print lining!
If you hate your bridesmaids, then put them in garish yellow and they probably won’t turn up to your wedding. If you love your bridesmaids, I would highly recommend these bridesmaids dresses from Maids to Measure. The yellow is a lot softer and more subtle and is more likely to suit the majority of skin tones.
But don’t just think about the use of the colour yellow and green - it might look a bit too OTT after a while. There’s a lot that you can do with vintage wooden tennis rackets to add to the decoration for your wedding. I found these cute tennis rackets that have been converted to mirrors that looks stunning and original, and you could always arrange your wedding jewellery over a racket and ask your photographer to take a few snaps.
Another place to add a delicate addition to the theme is with centre pieces – you don’t need to have giant tennis balls on every table to make a statement. Don’t forget, less is more.
Hope you like these suggestions and would love to hear from anyone who has had/planning a tennis themed wedding who would like to be features on my blog.
Love Mrs Terrence x
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