Tuesday, 26 June 2012

It' only rock n roll, but I like it

Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones. Now, I couldn't let this milestone go by without taking a look about these beautiful ladies and their rock n roll wedding dresses!

I love this picture of Ron Wood and Jo Howard from '85- she looks bloody gorgeous and I reckon we'll be seeing Daisy Lowe in something similar in a few years.

Bianca Jagger is an absolute legend for pulling off this much boob in her wedding suit in '71. And what better way to drink champagne than straight out of the bottle?!

Mick Jagger is looking less rock n roll and more Prince of Bel Air in his wedding to Jerry Hall in '90 in Fiji. Over 20 years on and this number is still looking like a classic wedding dress...minus the massive flower maybe.
Hope this gives you a bit of rock n roll inspiration when finding your wedding dress! 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rain, rain go away

Now, one thing that can't be overlooked when planning a wedding is an umbrella! Come rain or shine, you need to be covered. Sunburn or a sopping wet dress aren't the best looks to be rocking on your wedding day.

Now, I've been searching for a few little treasures to give you a bit of inspiration.

This white vintage parasol from Freepeople.com looks absolutely stunning! Even if this is used for a prop for a pre wedding shoot, this is my eyes is a must for a beautiful sunny day.

And I've found this great little site called umbrellaboutique.co.uk - this umbrella is a bit on the pricey side but hey, it's nice to look! It makes a change from white or ivory.
One of my favourite high street shops is OliverBonas.com - these navy blue heart frill umbrellas are cute, afforable and adds a bit of colour to your pictures.
 And don't forget to buy a brolly for the boys too, you don't want a groom with a flat quiff.

Thanks to Freepeople.com, umbrellaboutique.com, Oliverbonas.com and Bellaumbrella.com for images.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Vintage inspired headband

So, my wedding dress has been dry cleaned and currently in a dust bag draped over a chair in the corner of my room and I've finally got round to buying a storage box ready for it's new home in the loft. It feels like it's the end of the party!

I doubt I'll have the occasion to wear such a beautiful, over the top gown again, but it was fun while it lasted! One piece of my outfit that I can't wait to wear again is the vintage inspired headband that I wore on the day. For me, it really finished off my look and I'm so glad that I bought it! Althought it was a bit pricey (for my budget!), I absolutely adore it.

I bought my headband from Gillion Million; check out her website - http://www.milliondesign.com/ The craftmanship really shows in her work and it was super comfortable all day! I wish I had another excuse to buy another one!

That's certainly too precious to make its way into the loft!