Friday, 4 October 2013

Mirror, mirror on the table...

I was trawling through a few pictures on the old t'internet this week and came across a table centre piece. The setting was of a lovely modern style wedding with a mirror underneath the floral display in the centre of the table. I've seen this done A LOT at weddings and yeah sure, if you have candles or t-lights, this can really reflect the light well.

But it got me thinking that I've never seen this done at a vintage style wedding before. I have had a mirror that I found on my travels months ago that I've been meaning to revive so I thought it was time that I pulled my finger out.

Normally it breaks my heart to see vintage furniture renovated or changed from its original format, but the mirror in question had a pretty rough looking cream frame that looked like it was pulled from a smokers home. After a quick clean and coat of white chalk paint, I'm pleased to say that I'm happy with the results. Do you agree?

Next time I style a vintage wedding, I'm certainly going to experiment with mirrors as centre pieces!

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